Southern Accents

“A Storied Farmhouse” (The Emery Residence) by Mimi Read, pages 102-108. September/October 2005

“Mississippi in Bloom” (The Imes Residence) by Lake Douglas, pages 186-193. May/ June 2003

“Masters of the House” by Lindsay Bierman, pages 156-157, 160-163. March/April 2002

“A Closer Look” (C. Irby Residence) by Philip Morris, pages 514 – 519. November/December 2000

“The Real Thing” (Norton Residence) by Philip Morris, pages 136-138. September/October 1996

“The Desk Set” (Tate’s office) by Mary Kay Culpepper, pages 44, 46, and 52. February 1991

“Youthful Perspective” (Sanders Residence) by Robert Ivy Jr., 12 pages. November/December 1984

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