Looking for a custom residential Bahamian architect? Ken Tate Architect can help design you the perfect house.

If you are looking for a custom residential Bahamian architect, I just completed a British Colonial style estate in Old Fort, New Providence Bahamas and would enjoy speaking with you. It seems that not many of the architects practicing in the Bahamas these days are employing the original British Colonial architecture, which is really nothing more than a Caribbean version of British Georgian architecture. The original buildings and homes in the Bahamas were stucco and wood shingle versions of brick and slate Georgian buildings.


Also, the original island houses were one room deep in order to encourage breezes to pass through them. In the colder British Isles, this was not an issue because those houses were designed to hold-in heat most of the time. So those houses, more often than not, were more than one room deep. The ceiling was also developed and used extensively in the original Bahamian houses in order for the heat to be able to rise up into the vaulted space of the traya where it would stratify. Other design elements that are typical of the original houses are: Bahamian shutters, stucco over masonry classical columns, outbuildings for storage, barns, and privies, deep useable porches on the rear of the main houses, etc.

Many of the new architects are employing what is commonly referred to as Island Style, which really refers to a ubiquitous contemporary style that employs simple forms with lots of porches, big overhangs, large windows, modern millwork, louvered doors, etc. While many of these elements are indeed desirable, they don’t, by themselves, constitute a style. The estate we just finished there utilized all of the original Georgian/Bahamian architectural elements mentioned previously plus most, or many, of the ideas promoted by the Contemporary Island Architects. Therefore in my opinion, the original Island Georgian designs are not only adaptable to modern needs, but can also provide timeless design that can help unify all new houses and buildings, keeping the charm and beauty of the Bahamas alive and well. Call Ken Tate Architect today and speak with a Bahamian architect.

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